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Our Story

The W Nail Bar is a full service nail salon featuring manicure and pedicure treatments, spa-like finishes, and the finest natural products.

Sisters Manda and Lauren had been searching for a clean, simple, and dependable nail spa in Columbus for years but had no luck. So they decided to create The W, a unique place where you could get a first-class affordable manicure and pedicure. 

The concept behind the W and the inspiration for its name all stems from the WE. There is nothing more important for us than family, and without the love and support we’ve shown each other, adventures like this would never be possible. So we invite you to become part of this experience, to remind ourselves that we deserve it, that together WE can create a little more joy and serenity in the world.

Manda Mason and Lauren Hunter are the founders of The W Nail Bar concept. Manda Mason has 15 years experience in sales alongside 8 years as a professional entertainer. She began her journey with Shadowbox Live at the ripe age of 17. She was the youngest person signed to the company at that time. There, she was a lead singer for the band “Bill Who?” and executed successful sales and marketing for the company. She went on to be the lead singer for numerous bands following her stint with Shadowbox Live, eventually recording an album and signing a distribution deal with Universal Records. For the past 8 years Manda has worked at First Data not only selling, but managing bank relationships professionally and timely. She has proved to be one of the top sales performers on her team, year in and year out. She consistently exceeds assigned revenue targets by effectively managing bank partners and self-sourcing opportunities. Four years ago she decided to put herself back through school on nights and weekends to gain a managing esthetics degree and a managing manicurists license. She had a vision of The W Nail Bar and wanted to start from the bottom up. Manda grew up in the grocery industry with a grocer for a father. She quickly learned to be successful; you must know every aspect of a business. It is after these years of hard work and discipline she is ready to bring her dream to fruition and put her sales & cosmetology background to good use. 

Lauren Hunter has made a huge impact on the local community over the past 9 years. Lauren brings her world-class experiences from years of travel, leading teams of people & brand ambassadors, along with dedication to elevating those around her. She has established a well-developed network as she started teaching pilates at the age of 16. She began managing lululemon athletica at the age of 20. Lauren has led a multi million-dollar business through people development and authentically building a brand from the ground up in the community. For the past 5 years, Lauren has led and managed over a 100 plus people in addition to being responsible for external community relationships. She led many “firsts” within the company including -- holding the first ever yoga class on the Ohio State football field with over 1,500 people in attendance. In addition, she was part a team that created an experience for 10,000 people attending Wanderlust in Lake Tahoe. With her expertise and knowledge, Lauren has been asked to speak on panels around leading a life you love and over time has led goal setting sessions with over 500 people across the United States. Additionally, Lauren volunteers her time and knowledge to helping local businesses by giving business insights and growth opportunities for external companies and entrepreneurs to succeed. With all of Lauren’s experience and comprehension, she has committed to opening up her own “firsts’’ with her sister, Manda. They are ready to pursue their passions in the beauty industry. Both women are driven, entrepreneurial minded, innovative thinkers, and leaders in the community.